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Gérald Amoudruz

Gérald Amoudruz has worked 21 years within the airline industry in North Europe. Gérald has a strong sense for business development and passion for sales. Through his positions as Key Account Manager and Country Manager representing Air France, KLM, Delta, Kenya Airways and Alitalia, Gérald is in position of an extensive network within the travel industry in the Nordic Countries. Gérald is also the founder of Flight Club, a closed industry community, through which he has launched several successful and well reputable industry events and concepts, where the return on investment has always been a key-factor.

Born in the French Alps, Gérald moved to Sweden in 1995 but has always had one foot left in France since then. Father of four, passionate in his work, Gérald is a perfectionist who strives to not only reach targets but exceed them.  When not travelling, meeting people or creating new concepts, you might find him boxing in a Muay Thai gym or on the saddle of his Harley Davidson!

Shirin Tagavi

With over 13 years of business experience from the fast paced consumer industry in the Nordics as well as from the international arena, Shirin has developed an expertise in setting up business organisations and delivering complex cross-functional change management projects in both large scale as well as of more entrepreneurial environments.

Shirin is focused on helping organisations to run their business processes effectively and efficiently in times where the business is not only driven from inside out but also by the world around us. She has a strong urge to enable the business to ensure profitability, growth and to achieve competitive advantage.

Born and raised in Sweden by ethnic parents, Shirin has since birth embraced two languages and cultures in parallell, Swedish and Farsi. Through travel, work and studies she has however continued incorporating other languages and cultures into her life. Shirin has a Master of Science in International Business Administration and has spent parts of her life in The Netherlands, Australia, the United States, Spain, Austria, UK and Ireland. Today, travels and cultural exchange are her passion.