ExpressCare – Sweden

ExpressCare is a healthcare company specialized in COVID-19 related services. Our most popular service is currently PCR-test & travel certificate.
Many countries require a recent and valid medical certificate to ensure that you do not have an ongoing COVID-19 infection when arriving.

The PCR-test indicates if you have an ongoing COVID-19 infection in your body or not.
ExpressCare issues an approved health-certificate in English signed by our doctor with the confirmation of the test result regarding SARS-CoV-2.
We have knowledge of performing PCR-tests in the best possible way, we guarantee that patients receive their certificates within the desired time.

Our employees performing the PCR tests are well trained in healthcare service, to ensure your safety.

Our process:

The patient books an appointment on our website
The patient visits us and is sampled by one of our nurses.
The nurse takes on site all the information necessary from the patient in order to issue a certificate.
We send the test to a laboratory for analysis.
Our specialist doctor Peter Arvidsson sends out the certificate in English to the specified email, signed, stamped and encrypted.

When does the patient gets the certificate?

We always send the certificate as quickly as possible, in order for the patient to be able to be at the airport without worries. The certificates are always sent to the specified email encrypted. The patient will receive the certificate no later than 48 hours, but usually much faster. Different response times depend on which city you are testing in.

ExpressCare currently has clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö where we perform the PCR-tests. Our ambition is to be nationwide. We act as a mobile care provider in a number of smaller cities including Borås and Alingsås.

ExpressCare offers flexible business-solutions, we adapt to wishes and needs. Therefore we have the opportunity to offer group testing at your requested company, in your premises even outside our opening hours.